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Lack of cold weather means more nematodes, possibility of seedling disease.

Is Crop Production Moving Toward ‘Stacked Resistance?’  Growers urged to stop replacing one herbicide with another. Finding ways to halt the “resistance treadmill” was a key message from weed scientists at the recent Pigposium III, an event hosted by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture focused on herbicide-resistant Palmer amaranth. About 300 producers, Extension agents, consultants and members ... Read More »

Times Are Good, But Key Market Factors Bear Watching

  Peanut farmers prepare for the 2017 peanut crop in good condition, marketing wise. There is no surplus of 2016 crop peanuts, except for a few lots with European Union edible quality, mostly jumbo runners. The market is very tight and that is likely to continue domestically until December 2017. Export markets will be influenced by the present crop in ... Read More »

Lack of cold weather means more nematodes, possibility of seedling disease.

By Amanda Huber Winter? What winter? That was the collective thought for most of December and January, with February turning off just plain hot. The cold spell in mid-March was the most consecutive days of below-freezing temperatures that the Southern states had seen all winter. While another frost could happen in April, the warm weather has University of Georgia plant ... Read More »

Minimize Thrips, TSWV

Incidence of spotted wilt is on the increase; take steps to reduce thrips pressure and risk to this disease. In the early days of ESPN’s SportsCenter, the anchors developed clever catch phrases to connect with the audience. One of those anchors, Dan Patrick, would inevitably say at least once during a broadcast, “You can’t stop him; you can only hope ... Read More »

Peanut Proud Delivers

The industry rallies to aid those in need. Peanut Proud didn’t have far to travel with their disaster response to recent storms as it was neighbors in Southwest Georgia and Mississippi who were hit by severe weather two consecutive weeks in January. Even Southern Ag Carriers, who has transported peanut butter donations to other places, was ravaged by the storms, ... Read More »

Peanut Pointers

SCOTT MONFORT University of Georgia Extension Agronomist Don’t Cut Corners With Pests The peanut season has begun on a warm note. To date, we have only received a few cold days going into March. Luckily, rain has been a part of the weather patterns replenishing many of our ponds and aquifers. Looking at the short-term models, the current weather patterns ... Read More »

No Excess In U.S. Supply, But Watch Other Origins

  The final numbers are almost in on U.S. peanut production from 2016. USDA predicted 2,842,305 farmer-stock tons, while the Federal Crop Inspection Service has counted 2,770,299 tons. The numbers are short of the October prediction of 3,155,100 tons. Lack of rain the last 90 days of the growing season caused both quality and quantity issues. The new numbers are ... Read More »

One for the Books

Enjoy the current market position, but remember a Farm Bill and trade agreements are needed. By Amanda Huber Plain and simple, there were not enough peanuts produced in 2016. But that’s what we know in hindsight. At planting, producers were cautioned not to plant too many peanuts and, for certain, don’t plant without knowing where those peanuts were going to ... Read More »

News Briefs

Georgia’s Perdue Selected Ag Sec. U.S. President Donald J. Trump has selected Sonny Perdue, the former governor of Georgia, to be Secretary of Agriculture. Perdue is a lifelong farmer. He graduated from Warner Robins High School and earned a doctorate in veterinary medicine in 1971 from the University of Georgia. Following his service as a Captain in the United States ... Read More »

News Briefs

Farm Bill Positioning Bob Redding of the Redding Firm in Washington D.C. recently told a group of farmers that although there will be some changes in the House and Senate for the 115th Congress, most of the agricultural leadership will remain in place for the 2018 Farm Bill. Redding says, “The Capitol Hill peanut leadership is well-positioned with regard to ... Read More »