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News Briefs

Program Sign Up Underway The enrollment period for selecting Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) or Price Loss Coverage (PLC) programs was announced by USDA FSA Administrator Val Dolcini. Producers on farms with base acres should visit their county FSA office to enroll in one of the programs for the 2017 crop year. The enrollment period will continue until Aug. 1, 2017. ... Read More »

News Briefs

New Members On Standards Board Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has appointed three peanut producers and three industry representatives to serve on the Peanut Standards Board. All will serve three-year terms of office ending June 30, 2019. Secretary Vilsack appointed the following members: For the Southeast, producer Dwight Stansel, Wellborn, Fla., and industry representative John T. Gray III, Williston Peanut Inc., ... Read More »

Market Watch

Who Would Have Guessed This? The American peanut industry has just experienced one of the most amazing marketing years in history. Based on USDA estimates and with the industry facing an unusually large carry-forward, prices were reduced throughout the industry and cutbacks from the farm to the sheller were encouraged. Farmers were even encouraged not to plant peanuts for the ... Read More »

A Golden Opportunity

A more modern warehouse facility in Vienna, Ga., will mean more efficient unloading and enhanced quality. The increase in peanut tonnage over the last decade has heightened the need to modernize peanut processing facilities. Golden Peanut and Tree Nuts is investing in a significant upgrade and modernization of the company‚Äôs warehouse in Vienna, Ga., which will help to increase unloading ... Read More »

Do we have a bigger, better, safer industry than ever before?

The peanut market is often difficult to read, evaluate and especially to explain. The markets for farmer-stock peanuts have little or no impact on the shelled-market price at the sheller level. The export market for the farmer is lost in the blending of seasonal prices and world competition. Even the domestic market for the farmer is a three-way deal between ... Read More »

Peanut Pointers

DAVID JORDAN North Carolina State University Extension Agronomist Keep Plants Healthy July will bring issues associated with disease management, cleaning up fields with escaped weeds and the possibility of insect issues. For Virginia market types, it is not too late to apply gypsum. If for some reasons there are delays, applications of gypsum into late July and early August are ... Read More »

News Briefs

Streamlining Acreage Reporting USDA officials have announced that farmers and ranchers filing crop acreage reports with the Farm Service Agency (FSA) and participating insurance providers approved by the Risk Management Agency (RMA) can now provide the common information from their acreage reports at one office, and the information will be electronically shared with the other location. This new process is ... Read More »

Peanut Pointers

DAVID JORDAN North Carolina State University Extension Agronomist A Lot To Do This Month June brings a number of key production and pest management decisions for Virginia-type peanut. The calcium needs of both Virginia market types and jumbo runners we are currently growing require gypsum application during flowering and kernel development. Application is generally made around 40 days after planting. ... Read More »

Export market picks up with shipments to China, Vietnam

The U.S. peanut market is getting mixed signals at home and abroad causing the producers to be concerned as to how to manage under the present peanut program. The Commodity Credit Corporation is successfully moving ahead with selling or exchanging 2014 forfeited farmer-stock peanuts to clear out warehouses. USDA is seeking bids on major purchases to go to nutrition programs ... Read More »

News Briefs

AgriLogic Farmer Survey AgriLogic Consulting, LLC, is conducting a survey regarding the performance of the Peanut Revenue Federal Crop Insurance Policy. This program was developed by AgriLogic Consulting in cooperation with peanut grower organizations, industry experts, peanut brokers and the United States Department of Agriculture Risk Management Agency. The result of these efforts was the development of an insurance program ... Read More »